The original idea for the project formed at the end of last year from an initial effort to prepare children and young people living in children's homes for their future lives through education in communication, cooperation, critical thinking and personal effectiveness.

The idea gained interest by institutions specialising in helping children from children's homes, but also by lecturers and coaches who were eager to take part in the project, and subsequently even their children who also expressed interest to participate in the program.

Perhaps thanks to the "coronavirus break" from school, or simply because Generation Z truly has the potential to change this world one day, their representatives got on board as well and eventually took the initiative and helped to mold the initial idea, transforming the project mission and content and finally extending the project to the other age groups in the process. 

This website, for example, was created by two thirteen-year-old girls in a space of one week using a free platform and freely available resources and with barely any help from Generation X. They are also in charge of marketing of the project on social networks and take part in running of the project, which they want to continue even during their summer holidays.


The school is an irreplaceable source of essential skills, knowledge and to a certain degree also discipline that are ever so important in life. Teachers deserve recognition for their work. But the world is changing fast. General literacy has become commonplace and the Internet has made acquiring new knowledge very accessible, at least in our part of the world.

Acquired knowledge and information is no longer key as what was once
researched in libraries can now be found on the Internet in a space of seconds. The key factors for success have become social skills i.e.
communication, emotional intelligence, stress management, and critical

The Teen LeaderZ Summer Camp project has no ambition to change or save
the world. We are under no illusion that one week of any development
program will guarantee our children a successful and satisfying life,
but it can be an unforgettable experience and a first important step.
We believe the time has come to demand more from our education.



To share experiences and pass the key skills and values of our industry leaders onto the next generation. These include courage and kindness, the ability to resolve conflicts, to recognize and resist manipulation, to manage stress and difficult situations and overcome obstacles, the ability to confidently present one's self and one's opinions and make full use of one's talents and hidden potential.


To give the representatives of Generation Z an opportunity to face a challenge, to show what they are capable of, what projects or films they are able to create at their age. Maybe it will be the projects of Generation Z that will really change this world.


To offer free participation for highly motivated children and young people from children's homes who are not fortunate to have their parents pay to receive a similar education.