There are skills and abilities that are equally important for a manager to succeed in business as well as a child to thrive in elementary school. Teaching them should be interactive, interesting, fun and what is learned needs to be practically usable in everyday life.

TeenLeaderZ is not about high performance or learning facts, at the same time we do not want for it to be just fun and play. We aim at providing an environment to try new things for yourself, to create something real and meaningful while also having fun doing it.


The morning program will be full of games, role play and other tasks where children will practice:

  • how to handle difficult situations and overcome obstacles
  • how to present yourself and your ideas
  • how to defend against bullying and swearing, whether it concerns you or someone else
  • how to avoid argument and how to win it when it cannot be avoided
  • how to talk to adults so they listen and respect your opinions
  • how to find and keep friends, anywhere, anytime
  • how to recognize manipulation face to face and on the internet
  • how to discover your superpowers and be able to use them
  • how to agree with people who disagree with us or have more power
  • how to schedule your time effectively and learn easier


The afternoons will be full of events and discussions with special guests: online marketers, designers, managers, influencers, investors and people from show business, who will be there to help the participants with their advice and experience. During these five afternoons our young heroes and leaders will face a real challenge in the form of one of the two offered programs:

School Avengers

The team will be tasked to film an episode in a series about superheroes from the school environment. During the five days, they will not only come up with a story, write a screenplay and prepare the props, but also take care of the filming itself, perform all of the acting and do the final editing of the recorded material as well. The series will grow with more episodes added by the following programs, and at the end of the holidays, a whole mini-series will have been created.


The team will be tasked with creating a real commercial or charitable
project, developing it from the initial idea to building a website and
doing the marketing on social networks. The program will focus not
only at generating an idea and preparing a business plan, but also
presenting it to the public by filming a promotional video and, if
deemed successful, attempting to raise funds that will then be used
for charitable purposes. At the end of the holidays the most promising
projects will be chosen and supported by us.